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We are delighted to announce that River Canal Rescue has now taken ownership of the e-canalmapps and has re-released them all under the new WaterNav banner; in addition the Water-Way product for Windows PC has been revamped and released as WaterNav PC.

The apps are available for compatible Android devices running Android 2.3.6 or later and iPhone (5 onwards)/iPad (2 onwards) running iOS 6 or later.  

Using all the POIs and navigation data from WaterNav PC, WaterNav apps cover different regions of the inland waterways of Great Britain.  The apps will not have any detailed textual content - only what you need as a smartphone user: where am I and what's around me?

WaterNav apps are low cost, regional map-based apps making use of the in-built GPS of your smartphone BUT, like WaterNav PC, they are 'off-line' apps - so, again, no costly permanet internet connection needed!

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