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Water-Way Demonstration

This video provides an overview of the main features of Water-Way, showing the application in action - click the play button to start the video presentation (running time approximately 11 minutes).

You can pause and re-start the demo at any time by clicking anywehere on the video screen, or use the buttons in the control panel.  You can also switch to 'full-screen' mode.  Alternatively you can view the more basic slide show below this video.


Water-Way Slide Show

View the slides below at your own pace by clicking on the top right or top left of any image to move forward and back through the presentation.

Use the 'Close' option in the demo to exit the slideshow.


Click image to run slideshow!

Water-Way Live Demonstrations

If you would also like to see a demonstration of Water-Way by a membert of our staff, why not come to our stand at one of the shows or festivals this year (as listed in the right hand panel on the home page)?