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Water-Way, now WaterNav, was and still is the first and only combined information system, route planner and sat nav for all the inland waterways of Great Britain (Ireland and France are also available). It is an essential cruising (and towpath walking or cycling) companion, showing accuarte digital canal maps, thousands of points of interest (POIs) on over a hundred different types of service, including pubs, restaurants, boatyards, places to visit, doctors, vets and many more.

Whether just visiting for a day or two, a week, a month or actually living on the waterways, WaterNav has been developed by boaters for boaters to provide all the information you need at the right time and in the right place.

Use WaterNav to plan your route at home on your PC, laptop or netbook, then use the application on your laptop or netbook in your boat or on your hand-held or smartphone at the helm (see specifications).... and you do not need connection to the internet to use it!


When connected to a GPS receiver, the digital map is constantly updated with the user's current position - travelling along the waterway, the map updates the screen with a wealth of useful information in the user’s vicinity, such as boating facilities, nearby pubs/bars and restaurants, places to visit and fun events for the children. It will also show your location, so that you can track exactly where you are (to tell your freinds/family or even the emergency services) and it will record your trip and then play it back later.

The Great Briatain edition of WaterNav contains the complete content from all of the Nicholson Guides to the Waterways, plus thousands more POIs as well as the complete road network withina 3 mile/5 km corridor of the waterways (including footpaths) and all major roads in the country.

We are constantly updating the information - adding new POIs, correcting existing information, etc. and we publish a new map & data (downloadable from the RCR web site) for RCR WaterNav members roughly quarterly.


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WaterNav allows you to: 
    • Easily find out where you are and what is available to you in your area - look at all the points of interest (POI) or filter them according to:
      • Eating and drinking
      • Entertainment
      • Attractions
      • Shopping
      • Boating facilities (including pump-outs and diesel)
      • Assistance (including medical and emergency information)
      • Where to stay (accommodation)
      • Local facilities (including laundrettes and Internet access points)
      • Sporting facilities
      • Places of worship
      • Or make your own ‘view’ based on your particular preferences.


  • Get detailed POI data - quickly view basic information on each POI and then double-click to get more details, such as special offers, full description, prices, etc.
  • Quick searches - use the Quick Search Tool to find individual POIs, bridges or locks, towns, waterways or boat services and closures in your area.
  • Move around the map - zoom in and out, pan round the map to see as much or as little information as you choose, see the whole country or just a single waterway, see your whole route or just a specified area.
  • Track your route - as well as showing your actual position, the GPS function allows you to track and record your journey; save it for future use or to share with friends or for the children to take to school.
  • Plan your journey - (PC/Laptop/Netbook Version only) our simple to use, interactive Route Planning tool allows you simply to click on the map to select your start and finish points and any intermediate stopovers. Then display a table of your journey showing distances and times from start to finish including all distances and times between each lock. You can print the table or export it to a spreadsheet, add to it, etc.
  • Plan how to get to/from the waterway - we provide complete road coverage within a 3 miles/5 km corridor of the waterway, including many of the footpaths, as well as all major roads throughout Great Britain.
  • Quick distance calculator - use the Distance Tool to calculate quickly how far it is from where you are or want to moor to the nearest POI (such as the pub!).
  • Hazard Warnings - our Irish waterways version includes a warning system for any potential hazards, such as shallows and obstacles in lakes, as you approach them - BUT PLEASE NOTE: WaterNav is NOT a navigation tool and should not be used for this purpose (EurEauWeb Ltd. does not accept any responsibility for accidents/incidents that occur through the use of the application for navigation purposes).


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